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Alleviate the Pain and Symptoms of Leaky Gut Syndrome With Essential Oils

It's classified as a gastrointestinal disorder that is not widely recognized by mainstream medical doctors. However, more and more health professionals are now seeing the correlation between leaky gut syndrome, and other diseases such as Chron's disease, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

What is Leaky Gut syndrome?

But, what exactly is leaky gut? A simple explanation would be that the intestinal lining of your digestive tract becomes damaged and inflamed, allowing undigested particles and toxins to pass through and get into the bloodstream. Once unwanted particles get into your bloodstream, it starts to wreak havoc on your immune system, causing a myriad of health issues such as:

Abdominal pain

· Bloating

· Brain fog

· Skin problems (acne, rashes, etc.).

· Chronic joint and muscle pain

· Indigestion

· Diarrhea

· Constipation

· And more

While there are many causes of this syndrome, it is often linked to the following:

· Nutritional deficiencies

· Antibiotics

· Food Allergies

· Excessive use / abuse of over the counter medicine

· Environment factors and toxins

Poor diet

This syndrome can be a debilitating & gruesome illness that you would not want to wish on your worst enemy. But, there's hope. All you need to do is a few simple tweaks to your diet and lifestyle and you can break free from this nasty illness that affects the quality of your life. It's no brainer that changing your diet to healthy organic foods, and fruits and veggies can help alleviate the symptoms of Leaky gut syndrome. However, did you know many leaky gut syndrome sufferers are finding every day relief with essential oils?

You can reduce symptoms of Leaky gut with essential oils

Essential oils have been around for centuries, and they have healing properties that can alleviate symptoms from the common cold and a myriad of other illnesses. And Leaky Gut Syndrome is no exception. Here are some of the most powerful essential oils that help reduce symptoms of this digestive illness:

Lavender & Peppermint are ideal for inflammation

Peppermint contains powerful compounds that can relax digestive muscles, and provides long-lasting relief for cramps, IBS, nausea and diarrhea

Peppermint, Ginger & Fennel are great for indigestion

Deep Blue and Wintergreen are great for joint and muscle pain

Digestzen is great for digestive issues, food allergies, cramps, abdominal pain, heartburn and more

Make healing from this gastrointestinal disorder an effortless process

While there is no official cure for leaky gut syndrome, you can heal and recover from these unruly symptoms by making unhealthy choices. These healthy choices include:

· Changing your diet to healthy, non-processed food options

Limiting the amount of alcohol consumption

· Detoxing your entire system (Liver, Kidney, Gall bladder, etc.).

When you couple lifestyle changes with essential oils, you have the potential to eradicate the symptoms of leaky gut syndrome for good. Try these steps today and see how your body will thank you!

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Why Are Toxins Making You Fat?

It's a fact that we are in the middle of a fat epidemic. Overweight and obesity are serious health risks. Obesity contributions to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and some cancers. But what are the reasons for this epidemic? It is not by accident that American obesity levels are rising right along the increase in environmental toxins. The “love handles” and “stomach pooch” around your waist could actually be toxic-waste storage sites! There are many factors that contribute to weight gain, lack of exercise, super-sized fast food meals and one factor that is often overlooked by traditional diets is toxic overload.

Simply put, people often have difficulty losing weight because their bodies are full of nasty poisons. These poisons or toxins can come from many sources including pesticides, growth hormone, antibiotics and other things found in the food that we eat as well as chemicals found in our cleaning products, hair care products, make-up, and other chemicals that leach into your food from packaging, etc … When toxins build up in the body, the liver and other organ systems try to filter them out of the body, when the liver is overloaded and over worked, it can not efficiently burn body fat and the toxins are stored in fat cells. The more toxins the body is storing, the more fat it is likely to accumulate and retain (toxins stored in fat cells are difficult to get rid of through dieting alone). When the body is overloaded with toxins, it transfers its energy away from burning calories and uses that energy to work harder to detoxify the body.

So the first step in any weight loss program should include Detoxification!

1. Flush the body – Flush the body of toxins with an herbal or nutrition cleanse.

2. Exercise – very important for the body to function and cleanse (find something you love to do.

3. Eat local organic fruits and vegetables

4. Choose organic meats

5. Choose unprocessed foods

6. Choose natural skin and hair products – that do not contain chemicals and dyes. The skin is a source of absorption as well as elimination. Keep it clean.

7. Avoid Household toxins – rid your home of chemicals by using Green Cleaners or make your own.

8. Take steam baths or saunas – Saunas are actually a very effective way to eliminate toxins. A daily sauna session of 15 minutes, can assist detox by excreting toxins through the skin (it is best to shower before you sauna to get all the stuff off your skin. up).

9. Once the body is free of toxins, it is much easier to maintain optimal weight. A good diet and fitness routine is a must.

10.Drink water – the International Sports Medicine Institute suggests you drink half your weight in ounces of water each day (first thing in the morning drink 8oz before you do anything else).

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Taking a Detox Bath

Important Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and the advice in this post is for informational purposes only. If you are pregnant or have a health condition, consult a doctor before adding anything to your health routine.

The skin is under constant attacks. Toxins are everywhere … in the air we breathe, the GMO food we eat, and the medications we take and in the water we drink. Most diseases are caused by an acidic toxic build up in our bodies.

Taking a Detox Bath is a very old procedure you can perform in the comfort of your own home. A mineral detox bath is a very simple, easy and inexpensive way to boost your health!

This bath is excellent for pulling toxins out of the skin. The skin is the largest organ on the body it acts as a covering, insulating and shielding the insides of the body against extremes of temperature, damaging sunlight, and harmful chemicals.

It also releases antibacterial substances that prevent infection and manufactures vitamin D for converting calcium into healthy bones. 65% of body cleansing is achieved by the use of the skin!

Salt Detox Bath Recipe – Shopping List

· Himalayan salt

· Epsom Salt

· Fresh Ginger

· Candles Essential oils of choice.

· Soothing Music

· Optional ARJAN'S HAZE

How a Cleansing Bath Works

This bath is great for removing a lot of toxins Epsom salts pull a variety of toxins from the body while replenishing minerals and magnesium levels. Baking soda.

§ 1/4 cup Himalayan Salt

§ 1/4 cup Epsom Salt

§ 1/4 cup Baking Soda

Light Candles. Turn on some soothing music. Dissolve Himalayan Salt, Epsom salt, and baking soda in boiling water and set aside.

Fill tub with filtered warm water. Water temperature should be as hot as you can tolerate, please do not overdo it and burn yourself.

Pour salt mixture in and add essential oils if using. Turn off lights. Soak in bath for at least 30 minutes. Do not rinse or shower, dry after the bath is complete.

Note that with any detox bath, you may feel tired or lightheaded when you get out.

Drinking a hot glass of ginger and filtered water will help you sweat out the toxins and heavy metals. It also helps boost your immune system.

A cleansing detox bath 2-3 times per week keeps the elimination channels open and speeds up the detoxification process.

Condition Your Skin After Your Detox Bath. Use natural oils and butter on your skin after your cleansing bath.

Skin Conditioner Recipe

· 2 Tablespoons Organic Shea Butter

· 2 Tablespoons Cocoa Butter

· 1 Ozs Grape Seed Oil

· 1 Ozs Avocado Seed Oil

· 1 Ozs Coconut Oil

· 1 Ozs Almond Seed Oil

Put all ingredients in a clean glass bottle cover and put into a pot of boiling water. Cool and have your significant other apply to your skin.

Do not use harsh chemical moisturizers, lotions, petroleum based products will clog your pores. The above skin conditioner will nourish your skin.

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How to Cleanse Your Liver of Toxins

Each and every day we are bombarded with deadly toxins. We breathe polluted indoor and outdoor air. Drink, cook and wash our bodies with chemical laced water. 90% of what we eat is artificial or tainted with chemicals. What we consume daily is not food but food like products created to satisfy the taste buds and keep us addicted.

Maintaining a healthy liver cleans the blood, produces bile and stores energy in the form of glycogen, allows your heart and cardiovascular system to pump blood through your body more efficiently. Regulate the health of your tendons and ligaments by providing nutrients through the bloodstream.

Most commercial liver detox systems lack basic common sense to support them. But your natural senses lead you to what your body needs. When we are in tune with nature we instinctively gravitate to what our body needs to survive.

Your liver is the second largest and most complex internal organ in your body. The liver is responsible for filtering toxins from the blood stream and breaking down fats from foods, the liver works constantly to clean the body of deadly toxins from processed foods, alcohol, drugs, and manmade chemicals.

Over processed foods, alcohol, drugs, skin care products, and municipal water contains lots of deadly chemicals, federal approved food preservatives.

A lethargic liver can lead to serious fatigue, weight gain, water retention, and a lot of other health woes

Drinking two quarts of alkaline water will cleanse Your Liver of Toxins and keep your body hydrated, alkalized and allow the liver to work more efficiently.

Lemon juice acts to warm up your liver and improve its natural detoxification movement. Citrus fruits also help to stimulate the digestive juice bile to enter the blood and clean up the debris of undigested food particles.

Eating two to three servings of raw organic electric foods that's rich in fiber reduces the workload on the liver. When your digestive system lacks fiber toxins are re-circulated back into the blood and the liver has to process them all over.

Your liver filters toxins that enter your body straight to your digestive system. When your digestive system has enough fiber, the toxins bind with the food that you eat and are eliminated with your next bowel movement.

When your digestive system does not have enough fiber, the toxins are circulated back into your blood and your liver becomes overworked since it has to process them all over again.

Add citrus juices to your Diet will cleanse Your Liver of Toxins . Drinking fresh raw organic citrus juices daily stimulates the liver's bile production helping to suck out toxins from your system. It also prevails the buildup of gallstones and promotes efficient liver functions.

Herbal Teas to cleanse your liver

Nettle, dandelion, burdock and ginger teas flush out toxins and help detoxify the liver and kidneys. Dandelion tea increases bile flow in the liver and burdock tea removes backed up waste products from the kidneys.

Foods high in fiber, flaxseeds, prunes, apples, beans and pineapples.

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Drug Tests Can Reassure Worried Parents

Drugs remain the largest source of worry for parents, a survey has shown.

An online poll carried out by Bauer Media quizzed more than 2,300 people and found illegal drugs were still the main thing concerning the mums and dads of young people. The report called A Bitter Pill shown 43% of parents were most worried about their children taking drugs, compared to 36% which large fear was their son or daughter becoming the victim of bullying.

The poll also claims 88% of parents are concerned about their child being able to get hold of drugs with 40% saying they are very worried.

Peace of mind drugs tests offer parents the chance to find out for certain whether their son or daughter has taken illegal substances. This will then allow them to move forward with the facts and access advice and support if they discover their child has misused drugs.

Young people who decide to experiment with drugs will usually try and hide this from their family. This can mean parents do not find out about the issue until it has become a serious problem or addiction.

Of course, peace of mind drugs tests are also useful for people who want to know for sure whether a partner, friend or other family member is taking drugs. And they can help former drug users reassure their loved ones that they have managed to kick their habit and stay away from illegal substances.

Official government figures for 2012 show that more than one in three adults has misused drugs at some point in their life. Among young adults aged between 16 and 24, this figure is 37.7%, while 17% of children aged 11 to 15 have also misused drugs.

With statistics like this, it is no surprise that people remain concerned about those they love turning to illegal drugs.

Peace of mind drugs tests offer exactly that – peace of mind. Although the results are completely accurate and can give people the facts they need to work out what to do next, they are not admissible as legal evidence.

If you need to prove or disprove drug use for a court case or any official purpose, there are court-approved legal drug tests available for this purpose.

Drugs tests can analyze samples of blood, urine, saliva or hair. Hair samples are generally considered the most accurate as they are not affected by external factors and can show drug use over a much longer period of time.

The chemicals from harmful drugs produce metabolites which enter the hair follicles from the bloodstream. These remain in the strands of people's hair, allowing scientists to pinpoint not only what drug was taken but the time period in which it was taken.

This can be particularly useful if a family member has used drugs in the past but claim to have quit in the past few months. Hair typically grows at a rate of 1cm a month so how far back drug use can be detected depends on the length of the sample sent for testing.

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Does Aloe Vera Help in Losing Weight? Does the Digestive System Play an Important Role?

If you are tired of hitting the treadmill and are having sleepless nights because of your weight, you need to try something natural for weight loss. Why not have some juice of the Aloe Vera plant to help you lose those pounds. The extract of the plant is yellow in color. Even though the liquid is slightly bitter to taste, the plant is effective in treating digestive ailments as well as in helping one reduce weight.

If you are looking for a weight loss miracle, Aloe Vera can do wonders for you. The plant is packed with natural antioxidants which do not allow free radicals to grow in the body. Here are some benefits:

1. The plant's juice is very effective in keeping the digestive system healthy. The plant impacts the stomach and the large intestine and is quite beneficial for the two. The juice of the plant can also control and avoid constipation.

2. Researchers report that it increases the body metabolism in a natural manner. Regularly taking products that have Aloe Vera ensures that one has high metabolic rates which facilitate weight loss faster.

3. The individual will feel more energetic and composed to work out. The vitamins and minerals from this causes one to feel the need to burn energy and makes them feel more active.

4. There is no juice in the world that can detox the body like Aloe Vera does. The plant is very effective in cleaning the system and ridding all toxins out from the body. The positive effect on one's digestive system ensures that the body stays internally cleansed. This helps boost the process of losing weight.

5. The juice of the plant will clean your system to lend a glow to your face. A clean digestive system means that your skin will naturally look great.

6. The body cleanser in its liquid form is packed with essential nutrients and vitamins which nourish the body. These vitamins keep the levels of blood sugar in check and help manage weight.

Aloe can work like magic when it comes to ensuring your digestive system stays healthy. With detoxification and a higher energy production less fat will accumulate in the body. In this manner Aloe Vera helps one in losing the excess weight and keeps the individual in shape. It is always advisable to lose weight in a natural fashion rather than resorting to extreme measures to lose weight. The natural tonic can be consumed regularly to enjoy these weight loss benefits.

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3 Lies and 4 Truths About Sugar

Ha !! I said that last week and here I am, week 2, day 8 of my 21-day sugar detox. It's been a grand learning experience to say the least.

Days 2-4 were tough. I felt tired, lethargic, antsy and jonesing for my sweet treat in the afternoon. I'll be honest, at times it completely sucked and I felt incredibly uncomfortably … physically and emotionally.

Pre-detox, it was very commonplace to reach for a gluten-free banana chocolate chip muffin from my favorite grocer Outpost Foods when I felt nervous, overwhelmed or bored. (“shiny object” and escape = muffin)

“I AM training for Ironman after all. What difference does it make if I eat a muffin everyday for the entire week.

Well … let me tell you what I've learned from my little sugar detox so far … I depended on sugar a lot more than I thought. A lot more. Be it gels + Gatorade with my workout, a muffin or cookie after lunch and chocolate or kettle corn after collapsing on the couch post-workday. Without sugar's calming, distracting, and energizing effects, I've been forced to face my fears, insecurities and anxieties head on.

What's kept me on board so far is reminding myself that the only way through hell is through. I did change my business name from Fitness for EveryBODY ​​to Fearless Nutrition for a reason, after all. To be anything but fearless in the face of sugar would be, well, unacceptable in my mind.

To make my point and shed some light on because the hell you and I are so intoxicated by sugar in all it's forms, I've created this list of LIES and TRUTHS. (Oh you sugar !! Giver and taker-awayer of joy !!)


Sugar is a necessary evil.
Sugar (“real” or fake) is good for you.
Sugar is your best source of energy.

TRUTHS that set us FREE and keep us FEARLESS:

Sugar is HIGHLY addictive.
All sugars in their most basic form are the same.
Sugar makes you fat and deteriorates your body.
You eat a lot more sugar than you think.
Dramatic? Perhaps. True? Absolutely, positively, YES !!

If you'd like to do your own mini-sugar detox experiment (which I totally double-dog dare you to do), abstain from your usual morning, afternoon and night sweet snack for 3 days. Just 3 days, that's it. If you do not even think you can, then you must. If you're pretty sure you can, then you will.

Take the structured and supported 21-Day Sugar Detox plunge for yourself and feel the dramatic, fearless changes in your performance and daily life take hold. It's pretty freaking awesome!

Coach Amy Friese

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Detox Plus Review – Flush Out Liver and Excess Fat Cells – Kill Parasitic Hosts – Cleanse the Bowels

Want to detox and cleanse the body from all the infected and environmental pollutants and toxins?

Detox and cleanse supplements are fast becoming the fad as people concerned about their health and weight are aware that while losing weight may be a challenge, ridding the stomach and bowels of all the free radicals is as simple as swallowing some powerful anti-oxidants that do the job for you.

Importance of cleansing the body and the key benefits:

Not everyone is clear on why this is wonderfully important and sometimes life saving.

Processed ready meals, stress and even your tap water not to mention fast food, alcohol and carcinogens from tobacco all accumulate in a buildup of free radicals – toxins, so being able to flush them out along with excess fat cells in the stomach and intestines will help your body cleanse the bowels, kill any parasitic hosts, flush the liver clean, treat any symptoms of bloating or constipation, rejuvenate the skin through cellular cleansing and ultimately – you will lose some weight.

Effects on your body in the first few days and week:

The initial 48 hours will put your body through some unfamiliar bowel movement which is not a desirable treatment effect but unavoidable when it comes to a detox – but fear not, after the first few days, this will subside.

Stools will become a little more watery and more frequent but after the shock to the system and after approximately 7 days stools will become firmer and regular, while you will start losing a little weight and eliminating the dangerous toxins from the vital organs.

How often should colon, liver and intestine cleansers be used?

No more the 3 months is the suggested time limit, after this the bodies organs will need no more cleaning.

Side effects?

As listed above, some individuals experience minor stomach cramp and unusual bowel movements but this is often part of the detoxifying process in the first day or two.

Should I follow a special diet?

You should make an effort to stay hydrated as this will enhance the detox treatment. Spicy foods may also cause the tummy a few niggles so best avoided.

Why do people use detox supplements with diet products?

Some of the latest diet supplements include a powerful blend of anti-oxidants that provide the body with incredibly rich nutrients, healthy fatty acids, minerals and vitamins while speeding up your metabolism and boosting the fat burning process.

Taking both a diet and detox supplement there before acts as a “dual cleanse”.

Why take a detox colon cleanse supplement one month before starting a diet?

This is because you will shed more weight, and most importantly you will shed the weight that without going on a detox you would mistake as normal body fat.

Detox Plus Key Benefits:

  • Intestinal cleansing
  • Parasite cleansing
  • Liver cleansing
  • Colon cleansing
  • Cellular cleansing
  • Aids symptoms of bloating & constipation
  • Instructions some initial weight loss

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Cleansing With the Seasons

Cleansing the body of toxins is becoming more and more popular as people become more educated on natural health, nutrition, and detox benefits. Many are starting to implement cleaning as a lifestyle, implementing several cleanses a year because of the many health benefits they receive. Traditional Chinese Medicine has taught for a long time that the body is an amazing creation designed to work with nature. It was designed so that it cleanses specific organ systems most effectively at certain times of the year when our body most needs those organ systems to be clean and when the foods that support those organ systems are growing naturally in nature. According to Dianne M. Connelly, Ph D. each organ in our body has a time and a season where it receives the most energy from the body.

Fall is the time that the colon and lungs receive their major energy allotments. This means that those organ systems may respond better to a cleanse protocol at this time of year than at any other time. Our bodies are geared up for colder weather. Our bodies want to put on extra weight during this time to get us through the colder months of the year. It's not just Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many of the foods that grow this time of year are heavy and help us put on weight. The body needs a clean colon at this time of year because these heavier foods can stagnate in the colon and cause toxicity if the colon is not functioning properly.

Our lungs and immune systems can also be very much affected by the colon. It is especially important for our lungs and immune systems to be functioning at their peak to protect against the many bacteria and virus that we may be more susceptible to as a result of the cold. Up to 70% of our immune system is located in the intestinal tract and if our immune system is focusing its resources on dealing with toxins in the colon, it will not be able to support the rest of the body as effectively. Cleansing the colon helps to relieve stress from the immune system and lungs so that they can be better equipped to keep you healthy in the cold.

Winter is the time to support and cleanse the kidneys. Winter foods in nature tend to be very heavy with more meats and fats. This puts extra stress on the kidneys. The kidneys are receiving their energy allotment at this time so this is the time to give them support and cleanse. The inability of the kidneys to properly filter the extra winter proteins and toxins may result in them being deposited into body tissues. This can increase the chance of developing gout.

Spring is the time to cleanse the liver and gall bladder. Light and easy to digest vegetables, sprouts, and leafy greens are perfect for cleansing the liver and are starting to grow in the spring. The liver is also receiving its high energy allotment. One of the liver's primary functions is to filter toxins and cleansing and supporting the liver helps to get the body clean and ready for a new year of life. Spring should be the time when people set their New Years weight loss resolutions. Unlike winter, spring is a great time to do a weight loss cleanse because the liver is ready to expel toxins that have been held in place by fat cells so that they do not harm the rest of the body. Once these toxins are processed out of the body it has no need for the fat cells that held them.

Summer produces abundant and diverse fruits, berries, and vegetables that are high in vitamins and minerals. The body needs the high levels of nutrition to rebuild and repair itself. It needs to get itself ready for the following seasons so it needs the stomach and small intestine to be able to effectively digest and assimilate those nutrients. The systems that receive their energy in early summer are the heart and small intestine and the ones that receive their energy in late summer are the spleen, lymph, and stomach.

Cleansing with the seasons is a great way to work with and support your body in a way that flows with nature and in the timing that produces the greatest cleanse results.

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Staying Well Through Winter

I've never been one for alternative medicine. OK, I'm stopping myself right there already. “Alternative Medicine” – it sounds so weird to say that. Basically ANYTHING that does not involve drugs or invasive surgery is considered “alternative” !! How dumb is that ?! It's amazing how we've been conditioned to think that putting chemicals into your body is the normal thing and doing things naturally is alternative.

Anywhere, I digress. It's been a great winter in New Zealand for many reasons. One of those reasons is that for the first time ever I've not gotten sick through these cold months – at all! What do I put this down to? Well … The simple fact is that I have a lemon tree in my front yard which has been yielding a TON of fruit this year. I've taken this with an immunity amount of gratitude every time I've relieved the tree of some big lemons and taken them into the kitchen to juice them. Now, as I write this, I'm filled with even more gratitude knowing the massive benefit this tree has given me and my daughters.

Every single day for the last few months, I've started every day by juicing 3-4 lemons and drinking that enzyme filled juice in warm water with a little honey. Not only is that cleansing for the body, the Vitamin C is great for immunity, the enzymes help the body's chemistry AND … this was surprising for me to find out … lemons are alkaline, not acidic and the body's tendency for health is to be alkaline. Disease can not live in an alkaline body – it has no chance at all!

On to of all that (if that was not enough) having a big glass of water as soon as you rise in the morning, with some lemon if you like, is amazing for hydrating and cleansing the bowel. Most people do not know that the bowel, your large intestine, is critical to the health of your entire body. The bowel is a major part of the whole immune system and it readily rides the body of anything that is not meant to be there. It's not just for eliminating waste products from digestion, it gets rid of ALL the bad stuff. So bowel health is critical.

So I hope from reading that you'll understand how a big glass of water which contains the juice of 3-4 lemons is one of the best ways you can start the day. After that's soaked in, which does not take long, you can knock yourself out on coffee or tea or whatever else. I know that stuff is not great for you as the coffee leaches water out of your system, but I love a coffee in the morning too, I just figure that what goes in first sets you up for the day. If that first thing is just a strong coffee with sugar and toast with jam or something like that, all your doing is cramming in acidic foods that feed the bugs and contribute to illness. You can make a small change now to combat that. Please, do something for you body and make what I've told you a new habit. Can not hurt right?

Your body can heal itself if it's given the right tools to use. The body is fully equipped to heal any illness it's presented with – the problem is, if we feed it crap fuel, then it has nothing to work with. It's like putting crappy gasoline into your car – it's not going to get very far and you're going to cause permanent damage. Simple theory right – but it DOES apply to our bodies too.

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Easy Elderberry and Strawberry Jam

I had what I call, this great idea today while eating my peanut butter and elderberry jam sandwich. I'm not much for food preparation. I like to cook and I like to entertain but I'll tell you what, processing fruits for canning is a royal pain. It took forever to strain those chokecherries. Granted the juice was delicious but there must be a faster way so I come up with a cheat while enjoying my sandwich. I simply scattered my thawed elderberries in the elderberry jam to add a little more to the sandwich and thought why not mix elderberries with existing jam? Choose your favorite flavor. Mine will most likely be raspberry and strawberry. Yep, I'll do it twice.

So let's call this the lazy mans recipe to elderberry jam, shall we? After all we have all the ingredients available in the jam from our storage already or we can buy it from the store. Now I'm sure there are all kinds of reasons this should not be done. Something about the preservatives? Perhaps the ratio will be off when adding the new berries to the existing jam? I'm not an expert but I figure this can be an easy way to at least get the goodness of those elderberries into your peanut butter sandwich so you can enjoy the protection from the flu this season. I'm sure you guys reading this will appreciate my efforts.

Making the jam is easy. Let's forego all that ingredients nonsense that so many recipes have and just start with what we need. Choose your favorite jam and grab a useful of ripe elderberries. Add them to the jam and mix. I like the elderberries and I like the benefits so I personally am going to use a lot of elderberries. If I have 16 ounces of jam already I'll probably use a full cup or more of the berries and just mix them in. I'll have either a half used jar of jam or I'll mix it all into a mixing bowl of some sort if I can find one in the kitchen. This is after all foreign territory for me. Once all is mixed I'll scoop it back into the original jar and find a container for the rest of it. Then I'll take the leftover and make myself a sandwich right now. There will likely be left overs after all since I am a guy in the kitchen making jam from jam. No need to complicate it. It is what it is and we'll live with it. Keep it simple and easy and life can go on.

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Hydration: The Key to Unlocking Health and Human Performance

Is being hydrated important? You better believe it. Our bodies are made up of 65% water and we can only live a couple days without it. Every cell in our body contains water and when those cells become dehydrated it causes an entire host of problems for our human body.

Body Fatigue

Studies have shown that fatigue, headaches, and lack of concentration can all by symptoms of not being hydrated. Next time you are feeling sluggish or run down try drinking some water and re analyze how your feel. Dehyrdation symptons commonly show themselves during mid afternoon hours, this is the most common time for those feelings of being “run down” to occur.

Internal Body Temperature Regulation

When it is hot outside our body regulates it's temperature by sweating. In order to sweat you need to by hydrated. If you are not properly hydrated properly your body loses the ability to regulate temperature effectively. When your body loses the ability to regulate temperature, many horrible health consequences follow.

Beating Hunger Cravings and Weight Loss

A major aspect of dieting is the ability to control hunger. When your body is in need of water it many times will feel “hungry”. Our bodies do not know how to distinguish between “needs” and many times a lack of hydration can lead to your body sending hunger signals. The same thing happens when our bodies are mineral or vitamin deficient. Hunger desires can lead to over eating when it could have been solved by a glass of water. Next time you experience hunger cravings drink water and see how you feel.

Sports and Human Performance

Athletes are constantly looking for the edge when it comes to performance. A fantastic performance enhancer is a water cooler away. Staying hydrated allows your muscles to perform at their optimum level, allowing the athlete to perform at their true potential. Muscles that are hydrated at the cellular level have a better capacity to fire efficiently, maximizing an athletes ability to perform. Fancy supplements are great but staying hydrated is a way to maximize performance.

So What does all of this mean?

Drinking water should be the first thing we do to help our health. Is is the most abundant substance in our human biological makeup and without it we suffer. Many will spend dollar after dollar on fancy supplements when an extra daily glass of water will mean a lot.

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What Is Garcinia Cambogia?

What is This Product? That question is becoming more popular as people begin to hear about the celebrations and others who experience success with using Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss. Other common questions about this product include: Where does it come from? How does it help with weight loss? Where can you get it? Are there any risks?

Garcinia Cambogia is native to areas such as Indonesia and India as well as parts of Africa and Asia. The natives of these areas have used this product to extract in a variety of meals for centuries. The extract comes from a tamarind, which is about the size of small pumpkin.

This extract does not magically reduce fat cells but it can help block fat and curb your appetite. Many add Garcinia Cambogia to their food to suppress their appetite. Those looking to lower their calorie intake find that submitting this extract to their diet can help calm cravings and encourage a restraint in appetite.

How does this simple extract suppress your appetite? Garcinia Cambogia increases the levels of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter released when our stomach is full. Therefore, rather than slipping into a state of emotional eating, you can overcome these feelings and urges to eat to satisfy with the help of this product

Garcinia Cambogia is available at many health food stores and at a variety of online locations that sell health supplies and supplements. Many appeal to the budget-friendly price of the product. Before you make your purchase, check the label to ensure all ingredients are listed. Garcinia Cambogia should have no added artificial ingredients or fillers.

Garcinia Cambogia is often used before meals or during meals. It is recommended that an adult only take about 500 mg with each meal, not to excess over 2500 mg daily. Many have found this product to help them shed about 2-4 pounds per month. For best results a daily fitness routine and a balanced diet should be followed.

Many wonder if it is safe to use Garcinia Cambogia. As mentioned earlier, this extract has been used in cooking for many years. However, while it is safe to ingest, it is important to note that use of this product is not for everyone. You should consult with your physician before beginning use of this extract.

Caution should be taken for the following persons:

  • Those who are pregnant or nursing
  • Persons with Alzheimer's disease and problems with dementia
  • Diabetics
  • Those on medications of any sort to help lower cholesterol

This product has been used in traditional medicine; therefore, your physician should be aware of the benefits and risks of Garcinia Cambogia . To learn more about this product and how it can aid in your weight loss, consult your physician.

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Drinking Lemons and Water Is Good for What Ails You!

Lemon and water both help clean out noxious substances in your body. The combination of this drink is truly remarkable! It sure makes a great alternative to sugary drinks that have loads of calories and pack on pounds.

Although lemons are very acidic by themselves, they are in fact very alkalizing when ingested. If your diet is primarily comprized of the Standard American Diet, most of the foods you're eating are acidic. This poses a problem because your body does not like to be acidic at all. Most people bombard their systems with too many acidic foods and drinks. Over time, the acidity in your body can lead to long lasting detrimental effects on your health.

Lemons have a wide variety of uses besides just being good in a drink. You can use lemons to help take the fishy taste out of baked or fried fish and add a bit of twang to many other drinks too. You can clean with them and use them on your hair to help brighten the natural colors you already have in your hair.

Most people today reach for soda's without even thinking. It's a shame that they've become a staple in today's society. It takes so little time to make a glass of fresh lemon slices with a tall glass of water. I wished more people would take advantage of this simple delight!

Lemons can heal wounds, throats that are sore, and allergic symptoms. They are also soothing to upset tummies and assist in elimination. Another perk is that they can help clean the build up of toxic substances in the liver, which help process all the medications you take. It does not matter if you take over-the-counter meds or prescriptions. All medicines are processed through way of the liver.

Some people suggest that you should toss lemons in the microwave to help expel all the juices when you cut into them. This is not a good idea. Why? It's because of the way microwaves were designed. They cook the food from the inside out, and this is no way to keep lemons fresh! It also zaps all the nutrients.

Too loosen juices in the lemons, simply squeeze them a time or two, which will help you get the most juice when you slice them up.

If you want to keep your health for as long as possible, be sure to make water and lemon a regular addition to your diet. When you fix lemon plus water together, you get a healthy way to replenish and rejuvenate your body naturally.

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Five Healthy Substitutes to Drinking Soda

The average human being needs about 10 teaspoons of sugar every day and ingesting more will likely induce vomiting. Quite surprisingly, though, 10 teaspoons is about the same amount of sugar that you get within the first 10 minutes of drinking any kind of soda or soft drink. The only reason why you do not vomit or show any symptoms of vomiting is the presence of phosphoric acid.

While most of those that drink soda just want to have something sweet, it is important to remember that soda is not the only beverage out there that does that. Additionally, the human body does benefit from the right amount of sugar and that our body needs sugar to function well. Instead of cutting on sugar totally, there are substitutes to soda, and you can find a list of these alternatives below.

1. Iced Tea

The store just right down the block in your neighborhood sells unsweetened ice tea. What is nice about them is that they give you the satisfaction of indulging yourself in the sweet, sugary drink you need, while also not giving you much of a problem in terms of sugar intake. However, adding more sugar is not necessarily a good idea, and so is adding high fructose corn syrup.

2. Coffee

Studies show that sodas are addictive simply because they contain caffeine. To cur your appetite to drink a whole can of soda, drinking a cup of coffee is a better alternative. Beside, the great thing about coffee is you can choose to drink it hot and cold and it does not take a genius to brew something at home.

3. Black or Green Tea

If you're not found coffee, then black or green tea may prove themselves as viable alternatives to both coffee and soda. They also come packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and much like coffee, tea tastes great both cold and hot. However, if you think tea is a little too bland for you, you can add honey to sweeten it instead of sugar.

4. Water

There are three reasons why you drink soda. It is either you want something sweet, or you are thirsty or you crave for caffeinated drinks. Of the three, thirst is a more pressing need because it is a sign of dehydration and water is the best way for you to rehydrate your body.

5. Sparkling Water / Juice

Sparkling waters come in unsweetened and sweetened flavors. However, both are proven safe and effective in curbing your appetite for something sweet. If you love drinking fruit juices and mixes, using sparkling water instead of regular old water makes the juice much sweeter while still keeping the calorie count low.

A point to consider is the fact that studies all around the world show that frequent consumption of soda is associated with all types of disorders such as diabetes, cancer, stroke, hypertension or high blood pressure, excess weight or obesity, damage to the cells, liver toxicity, decaying teeth and even heart attacks.

Therefore, before you go and finish that can of soda, you may want to think about getting a healthier substitute instead, one that preferably does not do much damage to your body.

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