For years now the cage soup detox diet has been around as a simple colon cleanser and a quick way to drop a few pounds. Do you have that dinner party or social gathering that you have been saving that cute little black dress that will not go through your hips? This is perfect for such! It is an excellent short term way to detox, high in antioxidants, fiber, fruits and vegetables.

It is a healthy diet program to embark on. Although, it does not allow enough calories per day for someone to follow longer than 7 days. That is why the application of this diet is often called the 7 days cabbage diet.

Due to the fact that the origin of this soup can not really be traced to a particular origin, the recipe has lots of variety to make the soup. The key is to add no fat or calories when seasoning the soup. The primary idea to this detox plan is to stick strictly to eating as much cage soup you can in a day, for 7 days.

* 1/2 head cage
* 6 large green onions
* 2 big green peppers
* 8 pieces of tomatoes.
* 3 carrots.
* mushrooms (fresh or canned)
* 1 bunch of celery
* season to taste with little salt and pepper, garlic etc.

* use 12 – 14 cups of water in a large pot
* slice green onions into pot
* cut green pepper stem end off and cut in half take seed out. Cut into pieces and put in the pot.
* take outer leaf of cage off. Cut into bits put into pot.
* clean carrot and celery, cut in bit size put in pot.
* slice mushroom into large chunks put in pot.
* add little pepper for taste.
* use any chicken seasoning for flavor.
* add garlic if you so desire (optional).
* bringing to a boil and simmer.

Enjoy daily for one week.
The cabbage soup detox diet offers the chance to fasten our metabolism and get rid of some extra pounds, thereby eliminating the accumulated toxins in the body which, not only boost the weight loss plan but will also contribute to adopting a healthy lifestyle.

It is used either in the case of healthy dieting for those who struggle with digestive problems as well as the main tool to a fast weight loss. Those who are crazy about soups and Cabbage soup in particular will find it exciting that one of the basic conditions to score the diet is to eat as much as possible of this food. However, remember to ask the opinion of a doctor if you suffer from additional illnesses or serious disorders.

One special condition for the initial phase is although to add some fruits and only these elements to the menu. Banana's should not be taken due to their calorie content instead, oranges, apples or watermelons will do just fine.

Day 1:

* Eat only fruit except banana
* Drink unsweetened tea and water
* Eat as much soup as you like.

Day 2:
* Eat all you want of fresh, raw or cooked vegetable of your choice.
* Do not eat beans, peas or sweet corn.
* Eat as much soup as you want.

Day 3:
* combine days one and two, eat as much fruit vegetables and soup.

Day 4:
* Eat as many as 8 bananas
* Drink as many glasses of skimmed milk along with your soup.

Day 5:
* Eat meat today
* Eat 6 fresh big tomatoes
* Eat your soup at least once today.
(You may substitute chicken (skinless) for the beef or even fish).

Day six:
* Eat beef and vegetables / salad today.
* Eat your soup at least once today.

Day Seven:
* Eat all you want of brown rice (you can get in health shops).
* Eat your soup at least once today.
* no bread or beverage.