When we talk about the word detoxification in medical terms it is used as a cleansing of the liver. Liver detoxification is very important, but most of the toxins that remain in our body are stored in our fat cells. Actually, it has been found that the levels of toxins in visceral fat are 500 times more than the blood serum levels of average people. It's clear that liver detoxification is necessary, getting rid of these toxins from our fat will also keep us healthy.

So if most of these toxins are located in our surplus fat, what are the best ways to get rid of them? The most obvious defense is to eliminate as much of this excess fat as we can. Replacing fat with lean muscle mass will, of course eliminate toxin's favorite hiding places. That is of course the ideal, but there are some proven ways to get a body detox that can be done a bit quicker.

We have to actually mobilize the toxins and then eliminate them. There are two main ways to remove them from the body: through the skin, which is the largest organ of the body, and elimination through the gastrointestinal track. Of the two we can use the skin as the major organ to eliminate these toxins. Through sun damage many people have seen their skin become inactive. Getting your skin active and alive will be your first step.

Heating the skin with the help of a sauna, or steam heat will enhance the natural metabolic process of the skin. By expanding the blood vessels, circulation will be increased and the tissues will be oxygenated. A sauna combined with an exercise program that makes you sweat will certainly get the fatty areas activated and the toxins mobilize for elimination.

The third highly recommended ingredient for the elimination of fat-laden toxins is the use of niacin, which is the water-soluble B3 vitamin. Often referred to as the niacin flush, it opens the small vessels which flow through the fat cells, and these toxins that are stored in that fatty tissues toxins will be swept away. Many detoxification programs do not seem to even recognize the existence of toxins in fat, and the niacin flush will never be talked about in them.

Niacin could cause some minor discomfort, but it is not considered dangerous at all. It is really just a way of improving blood flow, and when this happens there could be some itching of the skin. But if you use it you should understand that it may bring on some discomfort. One of those can be described as similar to the hot flashes women have been going through menopause. If you're taking niacin in conjunction with exercise, start your workout about 20 minutes after your niacin flush.

Be aware that when you start sweating out these toxins you are also sweating out a lot of minerals in your body. It is important that these are replenished, and coconut water is considered an excellent rehydrator. But by eliminating body toxins you will be healthier and feel better.