Cleansing is a pretty new and innovative concept today and it is arguably the most efficient way of losing body weight, apart from cleansing the internal system thoroughly. Although the concept of cleansing looks to have contradictory notions when compared to the conventional weight loss methods, but the basics are almost the same or even better than the traditional weight loss supplements and other diets.

What is Body Cleansing?

Body cleansing is about flushing out the toxic elements from the body which can cause several health hazards and also manifest weight gain. These notorious elements may also interfer with the conventional methods of weight loss. The primary function of body cleanse is to keep the overall system clean and enhance its functions and performance. It follows the liver from being over stressed, thereby allowing it to perform better for long.

Body cleanse has a totally different approach and perspective as compared to the diets that restricts calorie intake. While the calorie-restricted meal plans encourage eating less and counting calories, the cleansing diets allow you to eat just what you have to and in correct proportions, which further allows the body to purge the wastes and toxins accumulating within the organs, the adipose tissues Egypt or the fats.

Cleansing is all about improving the system's efficiency in functioning properly so allowing the body to be healthier. But then how can cleansing encourage weight loss? That's the probable question lingering on your mind …. well, the answer is here …

Our body normally tends to gain weight mostly due to improper dietary habits, lack of exercise and added calorie consumption. A conventional diet plan would combine all of the so called needs to prevent your body from gaining excess pounds and would also see that you eat certain food groups while totally avoiding some groups. This would definitely make you lose weight really fast but would also make you deficient in certain essential nutrients and other ingredients required for well being. But while you are cleansing your body, you would not be stripped of any of the essentials that the body needs; it allows you to eat everything that can be digested by the body very easily.

Conventionally, weight gain was associated with over eating which in turn results in the accumulation of fats which is further broken down into energy when there is a scarcity of food. But the holistic approach towards weight loss has an alternate way to deal with this- it says that the food we eat contains chemical toxins, such as preservatives, pesticides, artificial colors, MSG, added flavors and sweeteners as well. All these toxins along with environmental poisons are responsible for weight gain and not the calories consumed and therefore, purging the toxins is the only way to lose weight.

Our body has its own system of dealing with the complex systems that can be used for draining toxins and other metabolic wastes through our kidneys, liver, lungs, colon and skin. But as we are always exposed to harmful food additives, chemicals present in the air and water and several other synthetics used in the making of products for personal care, our bodies are likely to be loaded with detox chemicals. It is often very difficult to detoxify the toxins accumulated in the liver.

The body's only way to segregate toxins from causing harm to the remaining system is to follow a diet that would not allow toxins to accumulate. This can not be achieved by a mere weight loss diet as it would just give you temporary results. But if you want to improve the optimum functionality of the system, you must eat well and healthy and not starve yourself- eat such food items that would allow you to release all the wastes from the body so giving you a slimmer look. The conventional weight loss diets may have a fats-free look within a few weeks, but you are likely to gain weight as soon as you give up the diet, which is very much unlike the cleansing diets.