Antioxidants are especially important today, because of the high levels of chemicals and pollution we are exposed to. Environmental chemicals add to the creation of excess free radicals.

Another additional source of the creation of free radicals is exercise. Higher levels of oxygen from aerobic exercise improves your metabolism and is good for you. It is important to realize though, that high oxygen levels also create more free radicals. For this reason, it is especially important to consume enough antioxidants when vigorous exercise is included in any weight loss plan.

Reactive Oxygen Species, also called ROS, or more commonly called free radicals, are actually a natural and normal part of the process of digestion and metabolism. They are even useful as agents to burn up or oxidize bacteria, candida, and other viruses. They are only dangerous when the antioxidants which are needed to neutralize them, after they have completed their nasty jobs, are unavailable.

Healthy fresh fruits and vegetables, with plenty of antioxidant activity, should be a part of your daily diet. The fresh fruits and vegetables, balance these naturally occurring free radicals. The ROS can then do their job of burning up any nasty bugs hanging around, after which they are neutralized by the balance of antioxidants in the system.

When the free radicals can not be neutralized by antioxidants, they attract electrons from healthy cells, causing a chain of instability in all the cells.

If you are an exercise enthusiast, a very important detoxifier to remember is Lipoic Acid. Exercise produces lactic acid. Lipoic acid is a universal antioxidant that neutralizes excess buildup of lactic acid. Make yourself an antioxidant cocktail drink when you exercise which includes vitamin C, Lipoic acid, and Vitamin E. Vitamin E has the ability to help your body utilize Vitamin C better, therefore it is good to take both Vitamin C, and E at the same time.

Free radicals, when not neutralized, cause excessive aging as they eat away at healthy cells, causing degeneration of healthy cell function.

The damage from ROS is very widespread. They can damage enzymes which are needed to break down fats. These excessive fats can then cause heart disease, or digestive difficulties. Inefficient digestion may lead to nutrient deficiencies, which can lead to a multitude of other illnesses. And so the cycle begins.

These ROS free radicals can eat holes in the lining of the blood vessels. Damage to blood vessel linings, may then cause high cholesterol to form in the treaties in order to protect the damaged vessels. This may then lead to high blood pressure. ROS also forms protein composites in the brain called amyloids leading to Alzheimer's disease.

As you can see it is essential to get adequate amounts of antioxidants in your daily diet. These harmful reactive oxygen species can easily be neutralized with a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you feel you may not be getting adequate antioxidants from your daily diet, it is easy to use supplements to boost your antioxidant intake.

Vitamin C and E, Alpha Lipoic acid, as well as super berries such as goji berries, noni fruit, and mangosteen can all be very helpful towards fighting excess free radicals.