Today, it is more important than ever to detox your liver. The environment regularly presents us to chemicals and and more and more individuals are developing liver problems which include fatty liver which affects over 50% of the population over 50 years of age. There are many natural ways to detox the liver and the following are a few guidelines that will help cleanse your liver.

A natural detox diet is to remove toxins and poisons from your body. It is important that you use the detox diet with care; as if you do not properly follow the diet you can experience negative consequences.

There are a number of toxins that enter our body, traveling to our liver and other vital organs. Smog and pesticides are some of the first toxins that come to mind when we think of harmful toxins entering our body, but, there are others, which include:

· Alcohol

· Caffeine

· Medications

· Chemical or pesticides used to grow and prepare food

· Artificial sweeteners and additives to food

· Impure water

· Sugar

How to Clean Out Your Liver

Detox diets work by stopping the consumption of foods, which is considered purging or fasting. Once you have been fast, you can then introduce foods back into your life. For example, after one or two days of fasting, you may start with a liquid diet then you may introduce steamed vegetables, fruit and brown rice for four or five more days. Then add other foods to your diet with the exception of prepackaged, junk food, eggs, sugar, wheat and red meat.

Simply speaking, lots of water, drinks organic foods and possibly some lifestyle changes such as exercise and saunas can help. There are many popular liver detox diets which include:

· Raw Food Diet

· Martha's Vineyard Detox Diet

· Fat Flush Diet

· Master Cleanse or Lemonade Diet

It is thought then when individuals cleanse the liver that they rid the body of poisons that have built up.

Are There Problems with Detox Diets?

One of the main problems with a detox diet is that they are restrictive, and it is hard to follow the diet for long. If you are detoxing for weight loss as well most of the weight loss comes from fluid and muscle loss, and you're likely to regain the weight quickly.

One thing that many individuals are not aware of is that the body has it own natural detoxifying process that is designed to cleanse the body. When the body sweats, urinates, or passes stools it is eliminating chemical waste within the body.

Before you engage in a detox diet, it is important to speak with your doctor. Also, detox diets should not be used long term or they can cause negative affects to the body. This is true of laxatives, as well. Dehydration, problems with your digestive system and mineral imbalances can all be experienced. Definitely research the diets, listen to your body while you are following the diet, and understand both the negative and positive effects of a detox diet to cleanse the liver.