Alkaline Water – Drink It or Not? There are a variety of opinions these days as to the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

Some believe wholeheartedly that drinking alkaline water can result in a number of health benefits, greater well being, and can even prevent certain illnesses.

On the other side of the coin there are others who feel because there is no 'specific or published' scientific evidence of these benefits, that it's all hype and hogwash and even a cash grab!

Of course as we all know, there are always opposing sides of the fence regardless of the topic, and even more so when it comes to 'health issues' so with that said, I feel the choice should boil down to your own research and subsequent thoughts on the subject.

Personally, I choose to drink alkaline water, although I am not sure if it will result in preventing or curing ailments as I have no first hand experience in this area. The fact is, I just feel better doing so.

Again, while I am a proponent, I'm not saying that a glass of regular purified water or even tap water is going to mean the end of the world, but I do feel that if you choose to drink water, (as we all should) you may as well make it count.

My personal opinion on drinking tap water is to avoid it if possible! I'm not sure about you, but to me, drinking chlorine, among other chemicals that are added at today's water treatment plants can not possibly be kind to your body.

In our area you can actually smell the chlorine the moment you turn on the tap on and even worse you can taste the acidic flavor when it's consumed.

The alternative for most people these days is to drink purified water, either bottled or through a home dispenser. (The ones that hold the big blue bottles).

I believe drinking purified water is perfectly safe, but with I also feel there are downsides; here's why:

The problem is, purified water, although 'pure' has gone through a process to remove the toxins. Unfortunately at the same time it also had the natural trace minerals removed. (The ones that nature intended).

Purified water is definitely 'wet' and of course it will hydrate you, but that's about all the bragging rights it describes! (my opinion).

Drinking alkaline water on the other hand, particularly from a system such as the Santevia Water Gravity System makes more sense.

First of all, the cost of the system is on par or less than purchasing your average run of the mill home purified water dispenser. It will also cost less in the long too run as the through put requires 'tap' water.

Yes, I know I have just advised against 'tap water' … but once added to the system, the purification process begins which removes all the harmful chemicals.

Once the water is clean, a unique re-mineralizing and alkalizing process then begins, by filtering the water through natural rocks and minerals that reinstate the trace minerals that are found in pure earth water.

The end result is a pure, mineralized alkalized (pH balanced) water that is gentle on the body and in my opinion (although others may not agree) flushes toxins and acids out of the body … which of course is one of the reasons drinking clean water is beneficial in the first place.

I will be the first to admit I have no “scientific” expertise in this area, but it makes crystal clear sense that if a simple choice such as the Santevia Water Gravity system is available at no extra cost or effort, is not drinking alkaline mineralized water a sensible choice?

In case you are wondering, I do own a Santevia system and feel comfortable with my choice to drink alkaline water , not to mention it tastes great and even my children choose to drink more water as well, so my opinions are first hand.

Even so, I believe that everyone should perform their own research and due diligence and make their decision based on their findings. For more information on the Santevia Water Gravity System and Alkaline water, visit the site below and get your questions answered.