A raw food diet is a nutritional plan where you get 75% -95% of your nutrients from raw foods such vegetables, fruits, seeds, sprouts, nuts, root vegetables, squashes, roots, seaweeds, fresh herbs and raw spices. Some raw food enthusiast enjoys dairy products made from raw or unprocessed milk; products like milk, cheese and so on. This sort of nutritional plan is also referred to as a detox diet because it helps expel toxins from the body.

Cooking these foods can lower their nutrient content, however, heating them at temperatures 118 or lower is acceptable.

There are numerous health benefits to eating most of your foods in their natural state which include:

1. Weight loss: Cutting out all the high fat and sugary processed foods will lead to normal, natural weight loss.

2. More energy: Most of the foods we consume today are so loaded with chemicals that instead of providing us with sustainable energy, we end up sleep on the couch. A raw food diet will give you much more natural energy.

3. Better focus: This sort of diet will also help us focus better on the task at hand instead of having a mind that goes blank or wanders as we work.

4. Improved Digestion: Digestion problems are common in today's society because many of the items we eat are made from unnatural ingredients that our bodies were never meant to consume.

5. Better pH Balance: pH stands for “potential” of “Hydrogen” and it is a measure of the amounts of acid and alkaline in the body. This measure is done on a scale of 0-14, with 0 being acidic and 14 alkalizing. The most vital pH balance is of the blood. While 7.35 to 7.45 is average for blood pH, you want your pH balance to be on the higher end of the scale. Healthy pH balance is not as simple as this short paragraph, so you may want to do a little bit of research on your own.

6. Less Acids in The Body: Unhealthy, chemically processed foods such as packaged items, most meat products, most dairy product and baked goods cause an acidic environment in our bodies. High levels of pains provide the perfect environment for cancer cells to grow. By eating a raw food diet you will lower the acids in your body and raise the alkaline levels.

7. Glowing Skin: You skin will naturally begin to glow and look healthy due to the healthier environment for your cells provided by higher levels of alkaline and lower levels of acids.

8. Healthy joints and ligament tissues.

9. Detox: By eating this type of diet you will naturally detox you body of all the chemicals, preservatives and other toxins we ingest when eating processed or cooked foods.

10. An overall healthyier you: Your body will be better nourished; your metabolism will run on high, you will suffer less than fatigue, headaches, muscle pain and poor concentration.

As you can see there are many, many benefits to adopting a raw food diet plan. There is an endless variety of foods to eat so things do not ever need to get boring. There are also some really good raw foods preparation books available to give you some tasty new ideas. So treat yourself and your family to better health by adopting this highly nutritious way of eating.